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Butch Milbrandt
Butch was born in 1945 in Oregon and moved to Quincy, Washington with his parents at the age of nine. He spent much of his youth doing chores and working on the family farm. He was first introduced to wine as a teenager. "...a fortified wine from the National Wine Company that my Dad let me taste." Butch had his first good wine at a Christmas dinner in 1984. "...a bottle of White Burgundy from a producer I've long since forgotten. It was eye-opening!"

Jerry Milbrandt
While technically not a native Washingtonian, Jerry Milbrandt is about as close as you can get. He was born in Portland, Oregon in 1948, but moved to the Quincy area of Eastern Washington at the age of six. "Dad and Mom bought 160 acres for $40 an acre. They had saved half of the money and borrowed the balance from Grandpa. Upon arriving we staked out our homestead and planted a border of trees for definition, shade and protection. We lived in an army surplus trailer and tent for the first winter, then built a concrete block home."

Emily Haines

Head Winemaker

Emily Haines, a certified live music fanatic and homebrew artisan, who grew up just minutes from what would become the Woodinville Wine District. She attended Eastern Washington University where she graduated with a double major in Biology and Chemistry with emphasis in Biotechnology and Biochemistry.

Brandon Rice

Director of Winemaking

In May 2014, Brandon and his family moved to East Wenatchee and jumped on board the Ancient Lake Wine Company project, where he and Steve Johnson started the construction of the facility and processed 1,300 tons through the facility just 5 months later. The Ancient Lake crew has now grown the facility to a 13,000 ton capacity in 2015 and will continue to grow it.