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The Wahluke Slope

Fee Structure

Custom Crushing
If the client chooses to purchase their own fruit and have it made into wine at WWC, the fees are as follows:

Winemaking - $250 per ton. Includes receiving, fermentation, pressing and storage in tank through December of the vintage year.

Cross Flow Filtration - $750 flat fee for each 10,000 gallon increment of wine

Polish (DE) Filtration - $400 flat fee for each 8,000 gallon increment of wine

Final (Pad) Filtration - $500 flat fee for each 8,000 gallon increment of wine

$0.12 per case per month. Warehousing fees begin accruing 48 hours after bottling. No in and out fees.

Tank Storage
$0.08 per gallon per month. Included – Temperature controlled storage with mixing (if desired) to prevent temperature stratification. Monthly monitoring for FSO2, VA and DO. No in and out fees. Available tank sizes will be communicated to the client in order to maintain best fits.

Barrel Storage
$14.50 per barrel per month. Included – Racking once every three months , topping once every 6 weeks. Monitoring for FSO2, VA every 6 weeks. No filling or emptying fees.

Bottling Fees
500 case minimum

500  – 1199 cases - $4.05 a case

1200 – 1499 cases - $3.75 a case

1500 – 2499 cases - $3.50 a case

2500 – 4999 cases - $3.15 a case

5000 – 9999 cases - $2.75 a case

10000 cases and over - $2.40 a case

Includes sterile filtration, QC checks for SO2 and DO, torsion testing for screw caps and vacuum testing for corks, as well as post bottling sterility checks.

Bulk Wine Sales

Custom Winemaking

Wine Storage