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Bulk Wine Sales

Wahluke Wine Company typically has an array of different wines available for sale, either to be shipped in bulk to another winery for bottling, or for bottling at Wahluke Wine Company. There is a 2000 gallon minimum for wine purchase, and the only vessels filled are 250 gallon totes, portable tanks, or tanker trucks. The price per gallon is determined by the volume purchased. Below is a list of our currently wines. Please note that while this list is updated on a regular basis, availability is subject to change.

To request a sample or inquire about any of these wines, please contact us for details. Included in the price per gallon is a guarantee of heat and cold stability, but not filtration. “Bottle Ready” filtration can be included at an additional charge.

Current Varieties Available

2012     Merlot

2013     Cabernet Sauvignon
2013     Malbec
2013     Merlot
2013     Red Blend
2013     Sangiovese
2013     White Riesling

2014     Cabernet Sauvignon
2014     Chardonnay
2014     Merlot
2014     Sauvignon Blanc
2014     Syrah
2014     Tempranillo
2014     White Riesling

2015     Chardonnay
2015     Merlot
2015     Pinot Gris
2015     Rose
2015     Syrah
2015     Viognier
2015     White Riesling

2016     Cabernet Sauvignon
2016     Chardonnay
2016     Merlot
2016     Pinot Gris
2016     Syrah
2016     Rose
2016     White Riesling

Please note that pricing and availability are subject to change.

Bulk Wine Sales

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